Digital Radiography

We use digital rather than film based radiography techniques.  Digital radiography has far less radiation and greater efficiency. There is no need for processing in a darkroom. Images appear quickly on computer monitors in our treatment rooms and can be transferred to patient monitors over our dental chairs for enhanced patient information.

Low Dose Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT Scanning)

CBCT Scan technology provides 3D images of the jaw structures and teeth with extraordinary accuracy and detail. It has become a vital planning tool for patient care in implant dentistry.

  • The 3D images allow the volume of bone available for implant placement to be determined with extraordinary accuracy, far superior to conventional x ray alone.
  • The 3D images enable surgery to be planned in such a way that damage to nerves and vital structures can be avoided.
  • Virtual surgery can be performed and evaluated before actual surgery takes place. Our own in house Sirona Galileos CBCT Scan machine avoids the need to send patients to an outside imaging centre.
Central  Sterilisation  Area

We maintain a fully equipped dedicated central sterilisation area where all instruments are first cleaned in ultrasonic baths and specialised dental washers before being sterilised under pressure in our autoclave machines. We have staff members dedicated exclusively to maintaining the highest level of instrument and equipment cleanliness.

Treatment Rooms

Every effort has been made to provide an attractive, comfortable, non–intimidating setting for the delivery of high quality patient care. Music in each treatment room can be individualised to suit each patient’s preference or patients are welcome to bring their own favourite iPod or MP3 player. Our top of the line dental chairs are ergonomically designed to provide maximum patient comfort and every technical advantage for the dentist.

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