Tooth Whitening

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Tooth whitening

This technique can be used on its own, or is often used at SEDS as an adjunctive therapy to other restorative measures. For example, before crown or veneer preparation, it is sometimes advantageous to pre-lighten the underlying tooth structure so that the finished crown or veneer can reflect more light from it’s surface and therefore look more vibrant.

Tooth whitening is also used extensively to restore vitality and youthful appearance to natural teeth and in some cases is the only treatment required for a dental cosmetic upgrade. There are different types of bleaching techniques:

  • Home whitening with 10% carbamide peroxide
  • In-office whitening
  • Deep whitening
  • Non-vital tooth whitening (to lighten the colour of a previously root treated tooth)
  • Combination therapies

You will be advised which technique is most suitable for you. Donal Blackwell has lectured and advised dentists for many years on the various techniques for tooth whitening due to his experience and success rates.

Many unregulated products often contain acidic components in their formulation which can be very damaging to teeth. These types of products, although freely available, are to be avoided. The safest and most predictable results are obtained under the guidance of dentists familiar and successful with the procedure, using regulated products with proven documented efficacy and safety data.

Teeth Whitening Prices
Tooth Whitening:
From €295/arch

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