Tooth Borne Crowns and Bridges

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Tooth Borne Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are used to protect and rebuild broken teeth that are beyond filling. They can also be used to reshape teeth.

Crowns are custom made in a dental laboratory and are composed of high strength ceramics or porcelain reinforced with metal. They are cemented on the natural tooth which must be prepared first to accept the crown. At the preparation appointment, the tooth and surrounding gum is anaesthetised and made comfortable with local anaesthetic. The tooth is then prepared and shaped in such a way that the crown will fit precisely, giving a smooth transition against the gum margins. This is important as if a crown is poorly fitting, it will not lie harmoniously against the gum and the health of the gum will be compromised. Every endeavor is made at SEDS to ensure the fit is excellent, from the attention to detail and particular techniques used at the preparation stage to the construction stages undertaken in the laboratory. The quality of different dental restorations vary widely. Quality depends on attention to detail at all stages of construction and this cannot be emphasised enough. The life span of a restoration depends heavily on these factors.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

When the support teeth either side of the gap are heavily filled and would benefit from protection,  a conventional bridge may be suggested. In this case, the support teeth are crowned and joined to the crown replacing the missing tooth.

When the support teeth either side of the gap do not themselves require restoration or protection, an adhesive bridge may be suggested rather than a conventional bridge, as these bridges require less intervention to the abutment support teeth. The missing tooth is replaced by a crown that has metal ‘wings’ on either side that are bonded to the back of the abutment teeth in such a way that the ‘wings’ are not visible from the front of the teeth.

Tooth Borne Crowns and Bridges Price List
Tooth Borne Crowns/ Veneers from:
Bridges from:
€950/ unit to €1300/unit

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