Dental Hygiene and Maintenance

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After treatment care

Once you have completed your treatment and your restorations are successfully in place, they will need to be maintained. Restorations are only as good as their foundations and the foundations, like your own natural teeth, can become compromised by bacteria. We have a dedicated hygienist who will assist you in the correct home maintenance of your restoration(s) and general oral hygiene.

We understand and value that you, as a patient, have made considerable investment of both time and expense in the health and function of your mouth. We will encourage and help you maintain your new oral status. You will be taught the skills, tools and techniques to maintain in health, every surface of every tooth every day.

At a hygiene appointment:

  • Your medical status will be reviewed to see if there is any general medical condition which could have an impact on your oral health.
  • An oral cancer screen will be performed as well as screening for oral symptoms of other serious medical illnesses.
  • Any necessary digital xrays will be taken.
  • Hard and soft deposits of calculus and plaque which contain damaging bacteria will be removed.
  • Your Implants/Restorations will be reviewed.
  • If surface tooth staining is present, this will be removed by means of prophy jet technology.
  • Your teeth will be polished.
  • Instruction on the maintenance of your implants/restorations will be reinforced and demonstrated.
  • Oral hygiene instruction will be given.
  • Desensitising medicaments will be applied to any sensitive teeth.

We usually advise that you alternate your hygiene appointments between our hygienist and you own dentist to ensure maximum oral health as it is now known that poor oral health can have serious implications for your general health and well being.

If appropriate, local anaesthetic, ‘oraqix’ periodontal anaesthetic medicament and/or nitrous oxide relaxation gas can be administered to make your appointment more comfortable.

Protection of Restorations

After your restorations have been placed, it may be suggested that a customised Michigan upper night splint is constructed for you to wear at night. This will help protect the new restorations and your own natural teeth from the effects of clenching and grinding. This is of particular importance for those patients who require restorations to replace tooth structure lost through excessive tooth wear.

A Michigan night splint may even be required in some patients to wear before any restorative treatment is undertaken so that muscle tension in the jaws can be relieved and a reliable treatment position established.

Dental Hygiene and Maintenance Price List
Hygienist appointments
€95 per session

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