Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Consultation Appointment

The appointment time is usually 1 hour. During this time a thorough examination of the mouth will be undertaken along with digital full mouth x-rays, full mouth and facial photographs.

The information gathered will be analysed and an inital treatment plan formulated. Estimated costings associated with this initial plan will be furnished. Any advisable referrals to other dental disiplines will be suggested and subsequently organised as needed.

A CBCT scan may be suggested. This can be undertaken on the day of consultation or at a later date. A second appointment after the CBCT scan has been analysed may be arranged to discuss the scan results.

Our Prices
Consultation to include intraoral xrays
Consultation with CT scan
CT scan from
€155 to €295
Tissue Preserving Extraction
Socket Grafting
Sinus Lift from
Extensive grafting
€350 - €1500
Implant root from
Implant abutment and crown from
Tooth Borne Crowns/ Veneers from
Bridges from from
€950/ unit to €1300/unit
Tooth Whitening
Michigan Night Splint
Hygienist appointments
IV Consious Sedation

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