Oral Surgery

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What to expect

Oral Surgery is the branch of dentistry which involves the following treatments:

  • Removal of impacted teeth
  • Undertaking of the more challenging extractions
  • Frenectomies
  • Biopsy of oral lesions
  • Exposure of impacted teeth prior to orthodontic movement of the tooth into the dental arch
  • Dental cyst removal

Many of these treatments are undertaken with the aid of IV conscious sedation

Oral Surgery Price List
IV conscious sedation:
Surgical removal of a lower impacted wisdom tooth:
€350 or €150 with health insurance*
Surgical removal of an upper impacted wisdom tooth:
€250 - €350 or €150 with health insurance*
Surgical extraction of 4 impacted wisdom teeth:
€850 or €300 with health insurance*
includes IV conscious sedation
Surgical extraction of a non-impacted tooth:
€300 - €350
Exposure of an impacted tooth:
€350 or 150 with health insurance*
often requires IV conscious sedation + €150. If a gold chain is required then + €80
Extraction of 4 premolar teeth for orthodontic purposes:
€550 to include IV conscious sedation
generally this procedure is not covered by health insurance
Removal of a jaw cyst:
€350 to €550
Biopsy with report:
€300 or €150 with health insurance*

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