Our Specialised Team

Our dedicated & experienced team are here to give you the best possible care
Donal Blackwell
Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery
B.Dent Sc,(TCD) MSc (Univ Lond), FICD
Eileen Blackwell
Prosthodontics and Facial Aesthetics
BA(Micro),B.Dent Sc, P.G.Dip.Clin.Dent,(TCD),Cert Dent Seds, MSc (Univ Lond)
Justin Moloney
Oral Surgeon
B.Dent Sc (TCD) MFD RCSI, D.CH. Dent.(Oral Surgery), FFD RCSI (OS)
Winston Camargo
Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
DDS, MSc (Perio), MDM (Univ. of Porto-PT), PhD (Univ Radbourd NL, pending Dec 2018)